Trends in marketing in 2021 you need to pay attention to

The dramatic events of 2020 have shaped new behaviors in us and changed our priorities and values. The pandemic also had a huge impact on the entire marketing industry and changed consumer behavior. We have noticed that more and more businesses have moved online and online sales have seen a gigantic growth. According to the Shoper report, in April 2020, online grocery transactions increased by 374% compared to April 2019, and stores in the health and beauty category saw a 138% increase.

Marketing trends are changing day by day. With new technologies, analytics and modern sales techniques, our strategies are evolving rapidly. However, there are several trends predicted for the coming year that will help us plan our marketing activities and strategies. 

1. Marketing 70:20:10

Sometimes, to be successful, you have to take a risk. According to Avinash Kaushik of Google, “70% of our focus should be on things we know are critical to our business. 20% is where to push the boundaries we set. The last 10% is really crazy experimental stuff. We try to figure out how to do uncomfortable things that have a chance of failing by believing they will work. With every little success like that, we build a competitive advantage.” 70% of our content should be doing things that are proven and we have confidence that those actions will achieve success. 20% of content should be done premiere – it may be more expensive and risky, but it can give us the opportunity to find new potential customers. 10% is about creating experimental content – so we are not sure if it will be profitable. 

2. Investing in social media

It’s no secret that social media is currently the biggest and most beneficial online marketing platform. With the rise of Facebook and Instagram stores, “social commerce” is becoming one of the top trends for 2021. Now we don’t have to search Google for a particular store’s page, we don’t have to look on profiles for a link that will refer us to a purchase – it only takes a few clicks to order a product, from within the app itself. 

3. Social activism

This is not a trend, but more of a social responsibility – brands talk about environmental and social issues that affect their customers. People don’t like brands that don’t engage in social issues. Lack of support from either side or silence on the topic causes many regular customers to turn away from the brand. Gone are the days when the public is afraid to talk about issues that are important to them. Caring about the environment, using eco materials, supporting the LGBT+ community, standing up for women’s rights, or opposing politicians is bound to be controversial. In 2021, people feel an even greater need to unite and act together.

4. Nostalgia marketing

One of the reasons why nostalgia is so good for marketing is because of its powerful effect on our mental well-being. It gives us a sense of continuity, gives our lives meaning and shows that we are constantly moving forward. Warm and positive memories and feelings help us get through the harder times. Instead of encouraging us to learn about the new, nostalgia marketing will help us appreciate what we already have, what is familiar and what is compatible with our lifestyle.

5. The form of video

In 2020, we saw the power of video – mainly through the Tik Tok app and live streaming during pandemics. Webinars have also gained a lot of popularity. The video form works much better than regular photos – we can convey more through it. Due to many apps similar to Tik Tok, the form of creating short videos will definitely become more popular in the coming year.

In 2021, we are still living with the theme of pandemics, but through the changes that have taken place in our lives, we look at the world a little differently. After appreciating online shopping during the first lockdown, we are still eager to use it. Marketing startegies for e-commerce must take into account acutual challenges, the social and political environment, technological innovations, developments related to the coronavirus pandemic, and business decisions. 2021 will bring several important events for online businesses in Poland. So far, one of them is the launch of a new Google Cloud region in Warsaw, an infrastructure that processes data and provides access to cloud computing services for companies and institutions. Another significant event is the full-fledged entry of Amazon, which after many years of speculation has launched its Polish branch. So far, however, it has not mixed on the domestic e-commerce market, where Allegro still holds one of the dominant positions. In the legal environment the important news is the implementation of the so-called VAT e-commerce package. The Ministry of Finance has announced that the government has adopted a draft sealing VAT in e-commerce and import of small parcels, which means elimination of VAT exemption on import of small parcels valued up to 22 EUR throughout the EU. The planned effective date of the changes is July 1, 2021.

Regardless of what happens in the next months of 2021, you need a partner who keeps up with changes in the market environment and new marketing trends to implement eCommerce projets. At HB eCommerce, we are here to help with your digital transformation.

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